16 Nov 2011

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) are jointly organising the 2nd Singapore Symposium on Casino Regulation & Crime from 16 – 17 November 2011 at the Police Cantonment Complex.

2. This year’s theme “Anticipating Trends, Confronting Threats” for this biennial joint symposium, underscores the need for both agencies to work closely with each other and their key strategic partners in order to anticipate and tackle the threats and challenges posed in the casino industry so as to ensure effective regulation and enforcement.

3. Speakers from well-known law enforcement agencies in foreign jurisdictions such as the United States, France, Australia and Macao SAR – People’s Republic of China would be sharing their knowledge and experience as well as conducting various workshops for the symposium participants.

4. Apart from the objective of providing a training platform for both foreign and local officers from the casino regulatory and enforcement agencies, the symposium also offers SPF and CRA an avenue to further enhance their working relationship with both local and foreign counterparts while they trade experiences and learn from one another.

5. The SPF and CRA treasure the close partnerships, as well as the strong ties formed with their foreign counterparts. Such ties developed over the years, are key in helping SPF and CRA to deter syndicated crime from taking roots in the casinos.

6. The Guest-of-Honour for the opening ceremony is Mr. Khoo Boon Hui, Senior Deputy Secretary from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Approximately 200 officers from the SPF, CRA and other foreign as well as local government agencies are attending the symposium. A copy of the opening address by Mr. Khoo is attached.

Singapore Police Force
Casino Regulatory Authority