22 Aug 2012

Disciplinary Actions Imposed on Casinos for Breaches in Social Safeguard Measures and Gaming Equipment Regulations

The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA) has imposed financial penalties totalling $357,500 and $140,000 on Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. (MBS) and Resorts World at Sentosa Pte. Ltd. (RWS) respectively for breaching social safeguard requirements during the period 1 May 2011 to 31 October 2011. In addition, RWS has been censured for 3 cases of similar breaches during the period and MBS censured for failing to display appropriate message on its progressive jackpot system on 18 October 2011.

Breach of Social Safeguard Measures

The casino operators were found to have not complied fully with social safeguard requirements, which are put in place to contain and control the potential harm of casino gambling to society. CRA therefore imposed disciplinary actions on the casino operators for failing to prevent the following persons from entering and/or remaining on their casino premises:

  • Singapore citizens and permanent residents (SCPRs) without valid entry levies, including those who stayed beyond the 24 hours’ validity of their day entry levies;
  • persons prohibited from entering the casinos by an exclusion order; and
  • minors (i.e. persons under 21 years old).

3. Financial penalties and censures imposed are as follows:

Breaches Financial Penalties Imposed Censured
For allowing SCPRs to enter the casino without valid entry levies In respect of 10 SCPRs In respect of 7 SCPRs  -
For allowing SCPRs with expired entry levies to remain in the casino In respect of 2 SCPRs In respect of 6 SCPRs  -
For allowing excluded persons to enter and/or remain in the casino In respect of 19 excluded persons In respect of 4 excluded persons  -
For allowing minors to enter and/or remain in the casino  - In respect of 2 minors In respect of 3 minors

4. MBS has been censured for breaching gaming equipment regulations for failing to ensure a winning message was accurately displayed on an Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) when one of its patrons, Mdm Choo Hong Eng, hit a jackpot at the casino on 18 October 2011. CRA’s investigations showed that there was no deliberate intention by the operator to deceive or deprive the patron of her prize, which should have been a car. Due to the inappropriate winning message on the EGM, the operator had in November 2011, paid the amount of $416,742.11 to the patron. 5. The disciplinary actions taken serve to remind casino operators to act responsibly to uphold the integrity of social safeguards put in place by the authorities. CRA will take firm disciplinary actions if such breaches are established.

Corporate Communications Unit
Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore
22 August 2012