05 Dec 2018

1. Mr Tan Teck Wang speaking at Sanctions Panel

At the annual International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Conference 2018, Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) was invited to share on Singapore’s experiences and insights on regulatory dilemmas and effectiveness of sanctions imposed on licensees. 

About IAGR Conference 2018

The IAGR conference is an annual event where gambling regulators and industry players come together to share insights and discuss about pertinent regulatory issues and developments affecting the gambling industry. The theme for IAGR conference 2018 is “Let us make great regulation – together”, and the event had attracted 230 delegates representing 47 different gambling jurisdictions. Issues that were discussed during the 2-day conference included consumer protection issues, emerging forms of gambling such as loot boxes and sports betting among others. 

Regulatory Sanctions

In the panel session titled “Sanctions – Exploring the wide range and effectiveness of different sanctions imposed on licensees or illegal operators”, panellists and conference delegates shared principles of an effective sanctions framework, as well as perspectives on sanctions from their respective jurisdictions.

CRA’s General Counsel, Mr. Tan Teck Wang, shared that CRA has a comprehensive set of regulatory tools that included sanctions such as financial penalties, censures or revocation of licences, and powers to direct licensees to undertake corrective action where licensees have breached CRA’s regulatory requirements. 

Mr Tan further shared that, when considering the type of sanctions to impose, it was useful for regulators to also consider the compliance culture and mind-set of their licensees, and licensees’ ability and willingness to comply with regulatory requirements. 

Regulatory Dilemmas

In the panel titled “Regulatory Dilemmas”, panellists and conference delegates exchanged views on the difficult choices regulators need to make in balancing a myriad of roles.

Mr Tan shared that Singapore has adopted a multi-agency approach in managing the Integrated Resorts and casinos. Whilst agencies such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Singapore Tourism Board ensure that the economic objectives of having Integrated Resorts (IRs) with casinos are met, Home Team agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs, of which CRA is a part of, ensure that the law and order situation in the IRs and casinos is contained. CRA also worked closely with the Ministry of Social and Family Development in relation to social safeguards pertaining to casinos.

Such an approach has worked well for Singapore as conflicting situations or regulatory dilemmas are dealt with through inter-agency collaborations and communications.


Under section 54 of the Casino Control Act, CRA may impose one or more of the following as a disciplinary action against a casino operator:

a) The cancellation or suspension of a casino licence;

b) The issuing of a letter of censure;

c) The variation of the terms of a casino licence; and

d) The imposition of a financial penalty

Under Section 57 of the Casino Control Act, CRA may give to a casino operator a written direction that relates to the conduct, supervision or control of casino operations, whether within the casino premises or elsewhere, and the casino operator shall comply with the direction as soon as it takes effect.