02 Apr 2008

A new statutory board, the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA), will be set up on 2 April 2008, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, to administer and enforce the Casino Control Act.

2. The functions and duties of the CRA shall be to:-

(a) ensure that the management and operation of a casino is and remains free from criminal influence or exploitation;
(b) ensure that gaming in a casino is conducted honestly; and
(c) regulate the operators so as to contain and control the potential of a casino to cause harm to minors, vulnerable persons and society at large.

3. Mr. Richard Magnus, Senior District Judge of the Subordinate Courts, will be the Chairman of the CRA Board. The list of the other Board members can be found at the Annex.

4. The immediate focus of the CRA will be capacity-building and finalising the legal groundwork for regulating various aspects of the casinos. This will be completed well before the operations of the Integrated Resorts' casinos commence. Casino operators and other persons regulated under the Casino Control Act will have to apply to the CRA for regulatory approval.

5. The CRA's corporate headquarters will be located at 460 Alexandra Road, PSA Building, #01- 02/02, Singapore 119963. Public services, including the issuance of licences to special employees and junket operators will be provided from its office at PSA Building. For more information, please visit the CRA's website at

Ministry of Home Affairs
1 April 2008