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Officer Feature - Ms Geraldine Yeo

CRA Geraldine

“I have worked with the Casino Regulatory Authority for three years now. As a frontline officer, one of my responsibilities involves handling feedback regarding the regulation of casino operators in Singapore.

One such case concerned a casino employee who appealed for his licence to be renewed. He explained to us about his situation and how he really needed to provide for his family.

During such instances, we have to carefully balance between empathising with people who approach us for assistance and ensuring that our regulatory objectives were not compromised. Subsequently, I linked him up with the Integrated Resort operator for them to explore non-casino positions within the Integrated Resort.

I called him shortly after to find out how he was doing. He sounded relieved that his situation had improved; different from the distraught tone that he used to have.

I believe trust is very important and each feedback that is well-handled is a gateway to build trust. We help them understand where we are coming from so that they are assured that we are committed to what we do.”

Geraldine Yeo
Communications and International Relations 
Policy and Communications Division

Reproduced with permission. Article first appeared on the PSD Singapore Facebook page

Officer Feature - Ms Alicia Chua

CRA Alicia

"The nature of my work allows me to meet many casino patrons from all walks of life. One of them was an elderly patron who was potentially addicted to gambling. I met her when she visited the casino despite being excluded, and was completely unaware that she was committing an offence by doing that.

I listened to her and learned about the grievances and family problems she was facing. 

After explaining the legal implications of her actions, I encouraged her to receive professional counseling and also referred her to the National Council on Problem Gambling for help. 

Before joining the Casino Regulatory Authority 2.5 years ago, I worked at the Singapore Police Force for 7 years. My past working experience in SPF definitely helped me in my current work, and I love being part of a team that has passion for what we do. 

It's more than policing policies - I'm glad that I get to help people and the sense of achievement that comes with the closure of each case keeps me going."

Alicia Chua
Senior Executive
Investigations Division

Reproduced with permission. Article first appeared on the PSD Singapore Facebook page