As announced by the Government, the Circuit Breaker will end on 1 June 2020 with measures to be progressively lifted in three phases.

CRA’s office at mTower will be opened from 2 June 2020. To minimise your time spent in public space, please contact us via our online feedback form or call us at 6501-7000. Visits to CRA’s office are by appointment only.




Whether you are a technological trend driver, policy maker, financial analyst, risk regulator, compliance specialist, data analyst, data governance expert, digitalisation specialist, every CRA officer is pivotal in contributing to the regulatory enforcement of the local casino industry.


We seek individuals who have skills or experience in one or more of the following:

·         Data Analysis

·         Risk Regulation

·         Digitalisation

·         Statistical Analysis

·         Facial Recognition System

·         Mathematical Evaluation

·         Electronic and Electrical Engineering

·         ICT Security and Data Governance

·         Technical Compliance Inspection

·         Surveillance System

·         Network Architecture

·         Financial Analysis

·         Compliance Audit

·         Systems Thinking

·         Risk Management

·         ICT Applications

·         Licensing

·         Investigations

·         Enforcement

·         Legal Consultancy


CRA offers a challenging career. Our officers balance ensuring a robust and effective regulatory framework and social safeguards against giving the operators in Singapore room to innovate while generating employment and economic benefits for Singaporeans. To help our officers stay ahead in an evolving regulatory landscape, CRA supports our officers by equipping them with in-depth knowledge in a broad range of fields to ensure that CRA can stay effective in advancing our mission.


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