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At CRA, we keep our sight focused on keeping the casinos free from criminal influence, safeguarding gaming integrity, and protecting the vulnerable and society from the harm caused by the casinos.

We seek likeminded people with a desire to build something beyond themselves. We want team players, go-getters, people who care for our mission. If this fits you, line up alongside us. Together with the rest of the Home Team, serve as a line of defence for a safe Singapore. #CRAreer

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Operations Building


From ensuring that casino operations are carried out by suitable persons, to conducting robust inspections and investigations, to developing strong technical expertise in gaming regulation, the Operations team is committed to ensuring the integrity of the casino industry.

corporate work


Covering Corporate Development, Human Resource, Infocomm Technology, Legal, Policy and Communications, the Corporate team develops our people, and creates policies and systems to achieve CRA’s mission and vision.

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Team casual discussion

Keeping Pace with an Ever-Evolving Industry

As technology revolutionises the casino industry, CRA will continue to strengthen our technology and digital capabilities for the long haul. While we stay anchored in our mission, our strategies and competencies must evolve in the dynamic operating landscape and we must stay agile and innovative.  We heavily invest in our people - for them to be future ready and for CRA to stay ahead in the game.

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The Fuel Within

Our mission compels us to take our work seriously and to strive for every excellence. The same mission binds us together, and we punch above our weight even though we are a small team. We care about making our workplace a collaborative environment, a place where our people enjoy coming to work, and a place where real passion fuels us.

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Grow With Us

At CRA, we believe in unlocking the potential within each individual. With a strong focus on professional development, we plan and provide access to growth opportunities. This is a place where you can look forward to multi-disciplinary learning and pathways to grow your career as a regulator and more. We believe in life beyond work. We provide our people with the flexibility to plan how they work, their hours, their location. We empower them to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives. #CRAreer

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Bryan Goh

"As an Inspector, my work includes conducting inspections and processing regulatory submissions by the casino operators for gaming equipment and game rules. The work really interests me as it takes me outside the usual confines of the office, and allows me to be part of an ever-changing gaming regulatory landscape. CRA has a great working culture that encourages openness and constant learning. All of us, even from different divisions, work closely together and do not hesitate to share our knowledge and experiences."

Bryan Goh|Manager, Inspection and Compliance Division

Kok Zihao

"Being part of CRA has given me the opportunity to deal with a unique industry, and the chance to meaningfully contribute towards developing solutions for new challenges we face as a regulator. I am constantly inspired by the energy and drive of the CRA team to succeed at our objectives and, at the same time, support each other in the effort."

Kok Zihao|Senior Legal Counsel, Legal Division