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Board Committees

The CRA Board is assisted by the following committees:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assists the CRA Board in making decisions on certain operational matters. The Committee also serves as a sounding board for the CRA management on emerging issues and initiatives.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee reviews and appraises the reports of the external auditors and internal auditors on the adequacy of financial and operational controls. The Committee also recommends to the CRA Board the appointment and terms of engagement of the auditors, and approves the auditors’ annual plans. The Committee oversees the risk management framework, system and processes to ensure appropriate actions are in place to mitigate the key risks identified.

Budget Review Committee

The Budget Review Committee reviews CRA’s annual budget proposal and recommends it to the CRA Board for approval. To ensure budget robustness, the Committee also assesses the half year financial position of the Authority and reports to the CRA Board from time to time on matters requiring attention of the Board.

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee determines disciplinary actions against casino operators, licensed special employees, licensed International Market Agents (IMAs) and IMA representatives.

Human Resource and Remuneration Committee

The Human Resource and Remuneration Committee assists the Board in supervising and reviewing the various Human Resource (HR) policies and frameworks, to ensure a robust and effective HR system to attract and retain talents in CRA.

Legal And Regulatory Committee 

The Legal and Regulatory Committee provides strategic guidance to the CRA Board on CRA’s regulatory framework, and assists the CRA Board by reviewing regulatory instruments.

Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee advises the CRA Board in the efficient and effective adoption, usage and management of the Info-Communication Technology in CRA. The Committee also advises the CRA Board on technical standards, directives and guidelines imposed on the casino operators in the area of Info-Communication Technology deployment and implementation as well as the gaming systems.